a definition of abstraction

Term used in an art context in several ways: in general for processes of imagemaking in which only some of the visual elements usually ascribed to ‘the natural world’ are extracted i.e. ‘to abstract’, and also for the description of certain works that fall only partially, if at all, into what is commonly understood to be representational.  MOMA defines the term Abstraction read full description

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Unlocking the Mysteries of The Artistic Mind | Psychology Today

“The artist is, in a sense, a neuroscientist, exploring the potentials and capacities of the brain, though with different tools,” observes Semir Zeki, a neurobiologist at University College London and director of the Institute of Neuroesthetics. Picasso had an intuitive understanding of the mechanics of vision—which he expressed in his paintings. Likewise, the power of a Rembrandt self-portrait is not an accident: The Old Masters knew how to captivate the eye and the mind, which is why we still gaze at their canvases in museums. Scientists can learn about the mind by reverse-engineering art.

via Unlocking the Mysteries of The Artistic Mind | Psychology Today.


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